Monday, 16 February 2015



My Darling! With great joy I want to announce, that well-known to the majority shop - Rebel Madness on Friday 13 answered Too SweeT's cry for help on the project! My painted corsets appealed to Mr Maciej so much, that He had decided to give me  for painting 3 new corsets from the shop newest collection!:) So in the future more painting on corsets will appear, and that makes me very happy! Obtained money from their sale will be transferred to my artistic work.

I am moved very much  by this - in the life I wouldn't suppose such a surprise will meet me:) Bows in the direction of Rebel Madness and Mr Maciej for the wonderful gesture and supporting my art:) I thank with all my heart!:) I hope that our cooperation successfully will develop in the future:)

I hope that I won't disappoint and Rebel Madness corsets decorated by me will appeal to You all equally, as two previous :) I will do what is in my power:) Now I must only choose great paintings :3

Please visit Rebel Madness shop site and fanpage here:

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