Sunday, 14 June 2015


Hi Darlings :)

I will try to lead this blog regularly. :) It looks simple, however it is not. I will have clean my both blogs and fully change the way of updating them. At one time it was just one blog, it was more easily. Now they are two and its hard to keep up. Peculiarly this one is suffering.  The  reason is, because I am trying to translate text quickly, and its coming out so horribly. Text looks like from the translator or if I  didn't know english language bases - yeah shame on me. All fault on me and I am admitting to it ;) I must  embrace the change!

So please prepare for considerable changes, cleaning up on the blog. A few nearest days everything will be here in chaos ;) Please, keep your fingers crossed ;)

In between time I upload some pictures of the newest corset pendant (photographs are in "mini corsets" post, shortcut, on the right side).


Saturday, 6 June 2015


After very long fights, collecting materials and adequate tools - its finally done. Doing dolls was my dream for ages. Of course much, much smaller than traditional - generally it is not hard to notice that I am feeling drawn to all miniaturization, and the like so still I am searching for the model of new adventures on this field.

The point of  deciding that I  want to make such  little dolls was a repair of  a doll-pendant of my friend from studies - small, straight, of some alloy of metals, without the face, or details (apart from the material dress). Just then for me an idea fell into the head in order to do so - of similar size, but with a lot of details :) then my project appeared, it was successfull - it contributed to buy materials for creating them.

However before I started first efforts with doing them, certain adventures which postponed their uprising. The whole process is on one hand straight, on the other enough complicated. It is known that details occupy the most time, but doing them causes me great joy. There are this many creative possibilities, that it is positively hard for me to decide, which to use as first:)

Of course I am still facing mass of amendments and many combinations in order to achieve perfection, but willingly I will devote the time to it - for a long time I didn't  feel such great satisfaction from creating something own. Don't misunderstand me - doing mini corset pendants and painting on corsets is cool too, and it is pleasing me a lot, however mainly I am doing something to order and it is only reproduction :) Little dolls are my whim from the beginning, made from the zero from the modelling clay, wires, pieces of cloth and threads.

Don't be afraid, I won't leave doing mini corsets, because I adore them to create - and of course - my first little doll has a corset on her. Yeah!;) Smallest I did  so far :)

At the moment so much how, something will still come to my mind, I will finish writing it. And now I am inviting to examine photos of my first dollie(second already in transit;)) In some photographs You can see black little threads - through the fact that photographs are done into the macro and tiny things stuck. Malice hehe.