Sunday, 14 June 2015


Hi Darlings :)

I will try to lead this blog regularly. :) It looks simple, however it is not. I will have clean my both blogs and fully change the way of updating them. At one time it was just one blog, it was more easily. Now they are two and its hard to keep up. Peculiarly this one is suffering.  The  reason is, because I am trying to translate text quickly, and its coming out so horribly. Text looks like from the translator or if I  didn't know english language bases - yeah shame on me. All fault on me and I am admitting to it ;) I must  embrace the change!

So please prepare for considerable changes, cleaning up on the blog. A few nearest days everything will be here in chaos ;) Please, keep your fingers crossed ;)

In between time I upload some pictures of the newest corset pendant (photographs are in "mini corsets" post, shortcut, on the right side).


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