Monday, 29 December 2014


Hey Sweeties!

 I could not stop myself from this one :D When I lay my eyes on this corset I knew, that I MUST make a miniature of it :) And OMB I finally did it! Seriously, I have no idea, why this one took me so long to make, but it was worth every minute of me crafting this :) I also love jellyfishes <3

Of course all credit to Amber and  Her Lovely Rat's Corsetry - Who made this fantastic corset. Here You can see this wonderful piece of art:

I once had honor to made a miniature of Her favourite corset - it was great experience :) And when I looked through Her gallery I saw this jellyfish corset and immediately fall in love <3

Then I saw this corset again in one of Penny's YouTube videos- I put link to it below. Penny "Underbust" Brown owns this masterpiece! :) She named it after Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess) - Her favourite anime. It sounds awesome :D  I seriously recommend Her channel, She is sweet, very inspiring and talented person. Also Her videos have a lot of interesting information, not only about corsets :)

 Here it is!

Hope You like it like i did ;)


There is one more thing I would like to write about Penny - The first time I found Her picture on the internet on some random site - there was a heavy  shitstorm  under it, mostly people had problem with Her fake, big boobies. I have no idea, why so many people have a need to insult others, just becouse they aren't located in their border of standards ( different clothes style / body shape or interests.) They write tons of shit about someone they dont even know! I know that there is freedom of speech and all that stuff, but there is a differenc between expressing own opinion and being an asshole. And seriously - fuuu this people. I had been put through this crap, being hated just becouse I had band t-shirts and heavy boots. I stayed outsider to this day and I know how this hurts. So I stand for Penny, and I sincerly hope that all haters will go away. And I wish all the best for Her :*


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