Tuesday, 10 March 2015


From the painting smallest experiment on the own corselette a new way arose for my art forms. I will admit frankly that the effect exceeded my wildest expectations, what I am very proud from. Paint great reached an agreement with material - nothing is worn away, isn't messing, neither isn't cracking. It is interesting zakomponowanie on the surface of the image of corselette it isn't difficult, and very his shape great is complementing the whole.

I would like to mention one thing which surprised me - I gained ahuge interest of people for my painting action. I never supposed, that it will provoke such living reaction. It makes me happy, because a it is awesome to bring  people joy with my art works.

Painting reproduction of famous masterpieces on corsets brings me lots of joy. I will admit that this action is very addicting, I want to paint another, before I  finish one I am currently working on ;). I want already to take up next;) It also is great to fulfill dreams of other people about having an exceptional corset, that nobody else will have. It is also another sign of the painting closer the man - a mobile painting that You can take for a walk ;)

I must in this place recall and thank Mr Maciej from the Rebel Madness shop, my corset painting also appealed to Him and He decided to support my artistic work - he gave me 3 brand new corsets from His newest collection.  Thanks to this  wonderful help I have what to paint, and money from their sale will be intended to the development of my workshop:) It's really good to know that there are still good people in the world. Thank you!

I will be putting photographs of next painted corsets in this post. I am inviting You cordially to watch these ;)


Hand painted corset inspired by A. Mucha "Primose & Feather awesome corset made by Julianne from Retrofolie. I choose this one to match my mini pendant :) Please, check out Her awesome works here:


Also, corset is made by very talented Karolina from Crash.shirts <3 Her awesome painted corsets You can see here:


Here are some photos. but these are not good. Sorry fot that :/


The first painted corset from Rebel Madness Shop :) Gustav Klimt - painting Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907). I am not some great fan of his work, but I sensed that this painting would be looking good on the corset ;) It looks great, pictures can show how awesome gold and silver paints looks :) I am very happy that a day after I finish it and upload a photos on my site it found the new, loving owner :) An unusual and beautiful Absentia model which is a great devotee of corsets bought it. I am having high hopes, that She will be pleased with it.

And here She is -Absentia in this corset :3 More awesome photoss and the entire, very professional review  is on her blog to which I am kindly inviting :)


There is  even a video - review < 3 I am very happy , Thank You! :)



Papercat corset "Irezumi" style, XS size, All painted. This is my first "real" corset, and I must say it is awesome, good quality corset. However it isnt good for me - I preffer longlines. So it is for sale, it is looking for new home :) 







This one was painted for order of my friend. Painting of Zdzisław Beksiński is an author of this phenomenal artwork. Emotikon heart Alleged title is "Don Kichot " .The painting cames from "fantastic period" of works of this great artist. It is size 26'',  half painted.


My first hand painted Corset of Wide Hips Mat from Restyle on which I painted the H.R. Giger painting - "Li". Thematically not entirely "sweet", oh well... It is important, that it worked and it looks great. It is 20'', All painted.

Thank You for watching ;)

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