Sunday, 9 November 2014



As I promised in my last post, today I will show You my new mini corset pendant, from which Im very, very proud. It have a very special place in my heart ;) 

My friends know, that I love art of the great H. R. Giger, who unfortunately died 12 May 2014 :( A true master of painting, sculpture and design. I must say, that He was the first artist who truly woke up my curiosity for "not usual" art. When I was in secondary school of art I did my sculpture diploma - a sculpting interpretation of  one of Giger's paintings - "Illuminatus I" It was pretty big low relief, like 100 x 80 cm. I was proud of it, but my stupid school took it away - every student had to renounce the copyright of his work -  it was necessary before the admission to enter the final examinations. Well, fuck them soo hard for it, becouse most of this artworks was badly stored or destroyed after some time. Ahh, the old times. After that hard work over my diploma sculpture I hated sculpture - that kind, which plaster is being applied,  frames are being used and  casts...Yup, I still hate it...

But I still love Giger's art, so I figured that I always wanned a corset with His painting. I have needed skills in painting, but I could not find a corset to paint it on ( until I bough perfect one last Wednesday, I will start when its arrive) so I decided to make myself a mini corset pendant with my another favourite painting, which is "Li" from 1974. You can see it below:

 H. R. Giger,  painting "Li", 1974.

Its  more an interpretation, not full blown copy, I forsake myself the details in order to keep my sanity ;) Besides I didnt have time for spending months on painting every little detail, didnt need it anyway. I like it. Also I omitted a forest of "WIENERS" in the background of this painting. I dont need any on my chest :) Also my camera is very crapy and didn't catch more  gentle colours and it looks like its only black - white.  And I forgot to take a pictures of the back...Well, shit... Enjoy watching, please leave me a comment ;)

In a next week I will post another mini corset, this time made to order. And it is awesome ;)


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