Sunday, 2 November 2014


Hi Everyone!
Wow, I did it! At last I finished my painted  mini corset. This one is inspired by "Rose" painting by Alfons Mucha. I must say I loved the idea of joining paintings with corsets, with belongs to Retrofolie's.  But this one corset is my doing, and its not in Retrofolie's collection - But who knows, maybe this time my little work will inspire Retrofolies to make a corset? ;) That would be awesome!

"Rose" from series of flowers by Alfons Mucha, 1898.

Anyway, it took me some time to do this mini corset, but I am very happy with it. It has a positive energy when I look at it :) This time there is no busk, becouse I didnt want to cover this pretty face with it. However it has lacing in the back like always.

Although this little one looks very good with my undervest, it is for sale. I really need some money to improve my workshop and artworks :) So if you are interested in the purchase this unique pendant, please write to me :) This mini corset need a loving owner! ;)

Don't mind my boobs ;) Hope You like my Mucha mini corset! :) The second painted mini corset will be in the next post ;) Love You all :*


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