Sunday, 16 November 2014


Hey my Sweeties ;)

Sorry for delay, I forgot that yesterday I had meeting with my best friend :) Today I want to present to You a miniature corset pendant I done similar to Dark Knits Boutique corset that comes from Masquerade collection. With this one I had a lots of fun...and pain :P 

Picture of  actual "Water" corset from Masquerade collection. 

I invite You all to see many beautiful Dark Knits Boutique corsets on facebook page or site:

This is my first mini corset with fan lacing - I must say  it was quite a challenge for me and I am sure, that it is the same in real corsets. Great job :) To make this corset I used nice, thin, velour material, which I had cut to pendant shape. This part and lacing was hard to make and they required a lot of patience, becouse threads and material had to be measured up perfectly. I had to watch out, since every drop of glue would leave a trail on delicate material. I don't want to boast, but I am really proud of it :)

I had a lots of problems when I took photos of this little pendant. Pisc were too dark and it was impossible to catch all details. Now pictures are too bright and velour material looks like something is stuck to it. And then my graphic program did the same thing, makeing it even darker when I wanted to put my logo on my pictures. Damn it. But pendant looks really nice in reality and I hope that it's owner will be happy with it :)

 Also I want to thank Everyone who liked my FB page and took interest in purchasing my works - this means a lot to me and makes me happy :) I never though that my mini corset will be more popular than anything I made :) 


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