Friday, 5 September 2014



At last! I finished one from two mini corset pendants, on which I am working for over two weeks. :) There was a lot of work with them, because they contain mass of small elements which in miniature cause a few problems. Quite a lot of patience and  tact are needed.

This one mini corset I created for special order for sweet Amber Welch. She is sewing excellent corsets. Fun fact is, that  She as first ordered the corset fwith A.Mucha  from Retrofolie - pattern which so much inspired me for creating  miniature of it. :) All the more I am happy that She placed an order at me on this pendant. :) Amber is creating equally beautiful corsets, and I am encouraging to visit site with Her awesome, artistic work:

Amber sent me a few snapshots of her favourite corset and my adventure began :) Here you can see wonderful work for Her, of which I had pleasure to create the short piece:

The whole process of carving and painting took for me quite long, well  carving was quite simple, but  putting paint and details was very time-consuming. Don't ask about grains decorating the corselette - total massacre .;)

But it was worthwhile work, particularly this hundreds and thousands pretending crystals are looking good. :) I have huge hope, that when Amber gets this miniature corset to Her hands, will be equally happy with it, like I am. :) It is most important for me! I hope, that it will appeal to my readers too. ;)

Thank You Amber for such a great task You made for me! <3

Soon I will throw snapshots of the second mini corset, but I must finish it first. Fun with details remained ;)


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