Monday, 8 September 2014



As I promised, I am describing the other mini corset :) Perhaps it might look inconspicuous, but I am ensuring that I had quite a lot of work with it. It is a special order from Ms Marta from SnowBlack Corsets - it is  great honour for me !:) Ms Marta is creating incredible corsets, which are the source of  inspiration. To tell the truth - for some time I intended to create a miniature of one of Her works, so the fact that She ordered one for Herself is awesome to me and Im very happy :) I am inviting You all to check Her works, link to the page below:)

Similarly as in the previous case I got detailed photographs of the corset, so that I could make most faithfully copy of corset. At the very beginning its nice invoice puzzled me. I started musing about to copy it at the short piece. Then was a time for the  flowery ornaments on it. Do you remember how I wrote, that creating ornaments from the hundreds and thousands was difficult?... these flowers will give me nightmares for the rest of my life ;) And additionally, at creating them I cut my finger, fortunately nothing serious, but hampered my work. But it was worthwhile! She likes mini corset and it is most important :) Here you can see the work of Ms Marta, the one  for which  came into existence this pendant:

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