Sunday, 24 August 2014



After my few minutes of "small fame" I have a hands full of artistic work :) It pleases me very much! Soon I will show You all two new mini corsets pendants, above which I sat for a while... and I am sitting still :) As soon as I finish, I will present  them ;)

I would like to Thank everyone for kind words, especially to Julianne from Retrofolie :) I am feeling exquisitely nicely from it, that people like my work :) 

And now to the keynote topic. Today I have for You a pendant - mini painting. It is miniature of one of my graduation paintings (bachelor's degree). One of my better ones, very important to me. Except for artistic issues, simply the person  portrayed on it is somebody important to me. My academic teacher from the painting subject, which as one from few he had patience for me and embraced what I tried to do. More of such a good persons should be at colleges.

Generally I adore to paint portraits, human face for painting it is something incredible. Yes, I know - it is easy to just take a photo, but it is completely different, when studying of every breakdown and the shadow in order to then personally  depict it on to canvas :) But not everyone has such passion to it, like I do ;)

As regards to this very miniature, I had a bit of a lark. In the end I had to miniaturize painting size of 100 x  70 cm. It is possible to notice, that black and white fragments  are convex. It's becouse  I sticked a paper sheet from the technical block so that the invoice was different from canvas. Identically I dealt with the prototype of the miniature. In all other graduation paintings,  I always apply fragments with sticked paper sheets...just because I like it...

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