Friday, 8 August 2014


Hey Everyone!

I will admit that I am very excited with what I will show to You  in a minute :) All the more so because  I didn't made any new mini corsets for a long time - so somehow I didn't have a free time for it, when I  had some spare time I didn't had proper mood for it. This happens sometimes.

Some time ago I came across on certain profile on facebook, called Retrofolie, on which Julianne is presenting Her handmade corsets. I simply fell in love. Heavens! Who knows me, or is reading posts on my blog, then  knows that I love painting and I am trying to combine that with other fields of art (this way came into existence my mini paintings), and corsets created by Retrofilie have fabrics with printed motives from famous paintings < 3

On Retrofolie's profile we can see corsets with motifs from paintings, such as: "Venus Birth" (Sandro Botticielli ), "Swing" (Jean Honore Fragonard) and many other wonderful works. However  my personal  absolute favorite is a corset with the image of Alfons Mucha "Primrose and the feather" which you can see below:

I adore the Art Nouveau style, in which Mucha has created, but His artworks for me are simply phenomenal and very beautiful. No big surprise that  this corset appealed to me very much. However unfortunately at the moment I cannot afford to purchase and it is expense of 325$ CAD (in my country, that's a lot). Maybe one day I will make my dream come true :) But not from today it is known that the corsets has always been luxury goods ;) I want to invite You all warmly  to see beautiful artistic work of Retrofolie which you can admire on website or facebook profile. I am encouraging You to getting to like and checking progress on, because it is truly worthwhile:

To console myself a little bit and remember for what I am saving my money for, I decided to try to create the miniature of this wonderful corset. I know that should essentially at first ask for permission to do this, but I was afraid, that I can't manage to make it and unnecessarily I would only bother. And I also wanted to make a surprise for Retrofolie's one year of wonderful work :) I made it, it's done  and became a source of my inexpressible joy, adding the next rank to improving my small works.

The idea of the corset belongs to Retrofolie and no, I don't want to copy the production which is phenomenal for her and I wish her to develop for the best. My mini corset is form of  homage for Her and I hope that this way it will be taken :) But experience I got  at creating, new ideas and solutions which came to my mind belong already to me ;) Mini corset isn't  for sale. 

Enough writing, I am inviting to watch my work:)


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