Sunday, 3 August 2014



Holidays are passing, and I am resting and creating some new stuff slowly. And I am settling some paperwork, but I certainly won't  be writing about that ;)

For me everything is slowly going, but also I don't want to be in a hurry with certain things. Particularly a mini corsets, mini paintings and sculptures require some peace and a lot of  free time.  I once  wanted to make up for not posting some new stuff on my blog, and  force myself  to make something. I I botched up work completely : / 

Also I sometimes have  a descents of creative mood, like yesterday - flew in for me for doing new mini corset. Something seems to me, that this one will be best of all I made so far : D The corset which inspired me are most remarkable! At the moment I won't write with one - I will finish, then  You will see.

And today I want to introduce to you a sculpture  of small Gothic Lady sitting on a swing :) It take a while  for creating her, but I think that it was worthwhile. By the way I am greeting Ismena - Her  very beautiful, red hair inspired me to choose  hair colour for my figurine ;)

It is possible to hang this  sculpture   in the room, but I think, that if somebody insisted, is suitable for wearing as a pendant ;)

All the time I am experimenting with my products, I can see progress in my artistic work, and  I like it very much :) And that is most important. Now I am inviting You  to watch my sculpture ;)


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