Tuesday, 15 July 2014



The last rainy days were  very inspiring for me. I adore the smell after rain and what's more great is as  rinsing pretty pebbles out of sand, forming small rivers. Only what is disturbing me in it, is settling  drops of   water on my glasses, without which I can't see.

Now all the time I am in the course of folding my latest draft into the whole - it requires not only doing projects, gathering materials, but also test works - in order to see, whether it will be possible to make planned things in fact:) They fortunately possible to make! And this is evidence for it - small "rainy" girl which yesterday I finished to create. I will admit frankly, that by naming her "rainy" I followed my friend on describing Her artwork She painted  for me - a "rainy girl" playing by the puddle. Very much, very much I like this work and I look on it every day:) I have such a special place in my room, which I am putting things important for me  (mainly gifts from my friends) - when I am working (laptop / painting, sculpting) I am directed with front for these works and always when I am raising my head my eyesight  is stopping on them :)

Coming back to the keynote topic - rainy weather + inspirational work = mini sculpture of the rainy girl ;) Of course I did it my way and  a pink is necessary :)  Work is (at the moment)  the smallest sculpture made by me with the smallest made clothes. Shi is so tiny I could put her it in the matchbox :) In a photo I didn't capture it, but I installed the hook  at her back, and I can hang it on the small chain  - so it is not only figurine, but also a pendant :)

 The formation process caused me a lot fun , but what the most I like in the work with figurines, is searching for the appropriate place and doing cool photo session. Admittedly I am lacking talent for doing photographs, but it causes me mass of joy:) So deal with it! ;)


She is so tiny :D

Having a ready figurine it is possible to take quite climatic photos ;)


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