Monday, 14 July 2014



Today something new. Some time ago, when I found the moment of the respite from the diploma, I made brooch in  shape of  butterfly. At the moment it is only a prototype which I am going to improve in next models. There are so many very beautiful butterflies in this world :)

Creating this brooch I followed the example of the daily butterflies of the Papilionidae, with called Papilio Ulysses (Blue Mountain Butterfly). This Butterfly is found in north-east Australia along the coast of Queensland. He is inhabiting humid equatorial forest and suburban gardens.

I think that the time of considerable changes is coming, it concerns my artistic work and my blog. Recently I observed the sad tendency on the market of sweet jewellery - it is lack of marked differences between  jewellery. It is caused mainly with it, that large portion (of course not everyone) are getting parts in the same "points". Moulds which are readily available are another case (bought, not by hand produced). Personally I don't like fact that people are using them and are naming their works "handmade" - easy thing, to squeeze the modelling clay into the mould,  take out to burn down and to add hooks. And as if to take away some these moulds, it it turns out, that if it was necessary to do by hand, the effect was final in order to frail... or worse - such persons without moulds cant do a thing. So let us add moulds + the same components - works are only differented  only by precision in makeing. I think that people should be more creative and search for new ways :)

A right away question will appear - and what if somebody has  very many orders, how supposed to do everything in time without moulds, hmm? And a handicraft product just differs in it for the mass production - demands the time and the patience. Personally I prefer something to do longer, but to be sure that it will be unique work. Of course it only and exclusively my opinion and no, not at all I think that my works are better than works of other authors!

And now I am inviting to examine snapshots of  "Broochfly" or "Butterbrooch" : D


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