Saturday, 21 June 2014



I am proud to announce, that charming female blogger Paulina, leading the blog named "Alternative Passion" reviewed a few jewellery pieces from my studio :)  I appreciate very much this review and I thank for it warmly: * I am inviting to read other Alternative Passion posts:)

It is the second review I recived and I am very happy that my products are worth spending time for their accurate review and photographing:)

Such a review is an important thing - it is possible to learn from it - how other people are receiving our work - it isn't only about positive aspects, but also some negative. Because it isn't only about compliments and sugaring. The constructive criticism is very important. A possibility of seeing my piece of works on other people is equally cool - it always evokes quite a lot of joy in me: D

By the way I would like to bring  up the important issue - please not report to me with "super"  offers in the style "give something to me for free, and I will render your blog famous for you in exchange" - that's not the point in reviews and I don't care about it. The review should be a kind of  "by-products" that comes with purchase - the way was in case of Alternative Passion - what I like very much . Paulina approached the matter very professionally - She ordered something concrete, during expectation of Her order, out of curiosity asked many questions, to know more about materials I use in my works. Only then She informed me of idea for making the review, in which She described not only a true state of things, but also expressed the own opinion, what I am very much taking care of and She have bonus points for it ;) ... Am I just reviewing the review? Ups...

In any case this was a cool order and  review also came out cool. I hope that our cooperation will develop in the future :)


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