Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hey there my  Darlings!

I want to introduce to You some photographs of my graduation paintings. Unfortunately photographs aren't giving back the effect accompanying on watching them live, but better this than nothing. In the assumption every work was supposed to symbolize one of fields of art with which I deal every day. It was also a kind of achallenge - how with one technique  depict remaining :) Whether I made a success of it I will leave for the evaluation of the watchers. I made paintings using mixed media (mainly oil paints) on canvases. Format of works: 100 x of 70 cm.

There's no denying that the cycle of these paintings is devoted to portraits - however it isn't leading subject like in my former diplom paintings, in which it was about specific persons and their artistic activity. In case of the current jobs I didn't concentrate on solicitous giving back resemblance or the realism. I wanted to play with the colour and ideas. Please also not find some of concealed contents or the great message. Essentially it is possible to say these works have purely decorative character (Oh horror! - art critics shouted in this moment ;P) Soon I will write the fast, what I think about the today's art;)

From curiosities I can write that paintings are being presented at present in the Gallery "Pentagon", located in a building of the Department of the Art, on which I am studying. I will admit that I don't have some mission of participating with my works in exhibitions, but THIS ONE  is exceptional and I am grateful very much for the alternative of presenting my diploma in it. I am greeting my Mrs. promoter very warmly : *

Additionally to the diploma, miniatures of these paintings came into existence, one I already presented on this blog. I will put the rest once in the category "Mini Paintings".

I am inviting cordially to watching :)

In turn "more or less" how they are hanging in the gallery:

"Painting" and "Workshop Graphics"

"Collage" and "Painting 2"

"Tailoring" and "Digital Graphics"

"Drawing" and "Graffiti"

"Artistic Handicraft" and "Photography"

My  personal favourite -"Painting" and "Tailoring" :) However how I know from experiencing for every man other will appeal the most. He is sweet and sour. Gently and sharply. "It left how it left"   ;P


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