Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hey Everyone :)

I am very much pleased, that after such long time I can  back to my sweet blog. Through this time I thought about it quite a lot and I realized that I hadn't written on it too much - of course, some technical details, that something caused me some fun and I am happy with my creations. From now on I will  write here more,  a bit more of me being a smart aleck and bringing up subjects important for me - by the way you will inquire about me some more. The need of writing is caused by the fact that in the course of creating a master's thesis I discovered that... I like to write:) There are still a few other factors, so as two new blogs which recently I discovered, or the attitudinal change to certain cases. So far I threw my disquisitions on private facebook'a, and after all for it a blog should just be ;)

I will also widen a bit of a subject matter on this blog - I don't want  to be limited only to an jewellery, of course it will still be a leitmotif. I would simply like to show also other aspects my artistic work :) And like in  the beginning of my blog  I will try to return to updates every week, every Saturday.


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