Sunday, 18 May 2014


Welcome my Darlings!:)

For the beginning I would like  to apologise very much to everyone for my long absence, but my master's degree and the thesis consumed every free time for me + I was ill terribly. Now dissertation and graduation almost  are finished, so I will have more time for creating my beloved miniatures.

Also it is a novelty, that from now I will try to conduct another blog but in my native languag, because most of my viewers are from my homeland, and this make me happy :) I thank everyone for the interest and the support!

And now to the keynote topic:)

I didn't think that something like that would meet me, but here it is! I am feeling very nicely and I thank! I was nominated by the blog which  I warmly  recommend:

What is Liebster blog award:

The nomination to Liebster Award is received from other blogger in the framework of the acknowledgement for "good job". After receiving the award blogger should answer 11 received questions from the person which nominated "you". Next you are nominating (and you must inform them of it) as well as you are asking them 11 questions, You can't nominate the blog which nominated "you".

Questions which I am supposed to answer:

1. Your favourite band?

Frankly speaking , I am listening to the music of every kind and it is a bit hard for me to choose something specific. Ok, let us say in the days of my youth I adored band KoRn:)

2. What alternative style the most do you like?

Everyone is cool and interesting in its own way! I like interesting people. If You ask about my preferences, I like  something in between steampunk, and cybergoths. Also cute, pink loli stuff :3

3. Favourite piece of clothing?

Oh my.... my coat from the rave punk and my mostloved corsets <3.... and my pilot hat XD

4. What type of the music do you most often listen to?

If I already recalled, I am listening most different types of music, from the techno, to  metal (except for the type of  disco, dupstep, and hip hop) but I most often listen to soundtracks from favourite films and games:)

5. What is your favourite online shop?

Allegro ;P... seriously, I buy most often there.

6. What country would you visit most willingly? Why?

Canada, where my grandmother lives:) Since when I got the first postcards and photographs from Her I fell in love with this country. And also Japan, because it is awesome: D

7. If you could, what would you change in yourself?

Hmm.... essentially  I am happy with whom I am:) If I was supposed to change something, it is probably only so that I would like to be less timid and didn't worry about everything for everyone around.

8. What are you paying attention to, going out of home?

On to tracksuits, to be sure they aren't standing under doors to my flat : P O.k., now seriously, I am trying to not forget anything inportant and to look
just  nicely (for myself)

9. What do You think about Internet acquaintances?

I think that they are ok and it is worthwhile getting to know new people. I remember that at one time the Internet wasn't in every home, so  letters to people proclaiming themselves in different writings were written. Some of these acquaintances survived up till today:) I have quite a lot of acquaintances get to know by the Internet and I think that these are very cool persons and  I would willingly meet with them "in real life". In this place I am warmly greeting the M.B. and A.K.J.  ;)

Of course it is necessary to be sensible and careful to whom You write, because online is a place full of swindlers and other perverts who are  only pretending to be nice. (scary)
10. What do You treasure in people?

I treasure the frankness and the disinterestedness - these are in today's, wild world two very rare appearing features in people :(

11. Why did You deal with leading the blog?

Because one day I stated, that its stupidly to create something and  keep it only for myself, all the more so because these small things I make to triggering positive emotions in people. Many friends of mine went abroad and thanks to this blog they can systematically check my progress.

Blogs which I want to nominate:

Questions to nominated:

1. What do You think about the blog, from whom You received a nomination?
2. What induced You for establishing blog?
3. Are You tying yourself to objects? (Do You have a favourite ones?)
4. Are You interested in an art? - if yes, what is art for you?
5. Are You superstitious?
4. What in the life is most important?
6. Your favourite film is? / or kind of films?
7. Your favourite book? / or kind of books?
8. Do You believe in destiny?
9. What makes You happy the most?
10. What do You treasure in people?
11. You like to follow the fashion, whether you prefer to be an individualist?
11. What is Your greatest dream?


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