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"Painting  close to the man"

For ages I dreamt about combining two completely different artistic fields at my work - the painting and creating the jewellery. I want to announce that I managed to fulfil this dream. With pride I am presenting miniature paintings, painted by hand on miniature canvases. At the beginning I created 6 tiny canvases (two sets). On one I decided to paint small copies of my graduation paintings, and I gave the other set to my favourite  academic teacher, so that he could painted something for me, but I will write about that later.

I am very attached to my paintings, mainly on that account, that I am painting portraits of persons important to me. After the defence of my Master of Arts diploma a trip abroad is awaiting me. That prospect of leaving my beloveds  artworks is worrying me. These are big works, in the size of 100 x of 70 cm. If only they were  so small that I could put  them into the box, then I would took them with me - and just then a thought arose in my head - and what if this way to try to create miniatures?

I will be presenting effects of my work below. Enjoy!

Here are the first miniature paintings came into existence, painted with oil paints. is a time consuming process and demands the considerable precision and the patience - much bigger than at creating cookies or miniature corsets.

Jewellery elements are made of silver Ag 925.


Today I have for You a pendant - mini painting. It is miniature of one of my graduation paintings (bachelor's degree). One of my better ones, very important to me. Except for artistic issues, simply the person  portrayed on it is somebody important to me. My academic teacher from the painting subject, which as one from few he had patience for me and embraced what I tried to do. More of such a good persons should be at colleges.

Generally I adore to paint portraits, human face for painting it is something incredible. Yes, I know - it is easy to just take a photo, but it is completely different, when studying of every breakdown and the shadow in order to then personally  depict it on to canvas :) But not everyone has such passion to it, like I do ;)

As regards to this very miniature, I had a bit of a lark. In the end I had to miniaturize painting size of 100 x  70 cm. It is possible to notice, that black and white fragments  are convex. It's becouse  I sticked a paper sheet from the technical block so that the invoice was different from canvas. Identically I dealt with the prototype of the miniature. In all other graduation paintings,  I always apply fragments with sticked paper sheets...just because I like it...


Mini portrait inspired by photo of gorgeus model  Iska Ithil. I like Her style very much! When I saw announcing to Her fans, about sending all kind of fan arts, I gladly made this one :) For me, She is very inspiring person! :)

Here You can see how back of every mini painting looks like - I make a tiny canavas :)

Here You can find link to Her facebook page:

and here You can see original photo, where from i took inspiration:


Mini copy of  painting "Lady with an Ermine"

"Lady with an Ermine" is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci from around 1489-1490. The subject of the portrait is identified as Cecilia Gallerani, and probably was painted at time when she was the mistress of Ludvico Sforza, Duke of Milan, and Leonardo was in the service of the Duke.

The painting is on of only four portraits of women painted by Leonardo ( the others being Mona Lisa, the portrait of Ginevra de' Benci, and La belle ferronniere) "Lady with an Ermine" is currently displayed in the Wawel Castle, Kraków in Poland.

Leonardo painted a lot of great paintings, but this is the one i love most - so I decide to paint mini copy of it :)

Here is the original and my little mini copy :) It's smaller than a matchbox!
It's not a great copy, and resemblance is slight, but I'm still happy I done it. And of course my camera falsified colours a bit.

The smallest brush was too big, so I painted details with the needle. It had to look ridiculous :)


 My first mini painting  is copy of one of my graduation painting, every one  is devoted to different fields of art - This one is devoted to the sewing ( the portrayed person is dealing with the tailoring, therefore you can see tailor's patterns. They are a bit abstract ;) I em still working on them, and I love this :D

 There are two more, but i will show them later ;)

This is how I look with my new set. I became an living art gallery :)

Hope You enjoyed. More soon :)


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