Sunday, 8 December 2013



 Welcome my darlings, I apologise, that there was no update on my blog for so long , but believe me, I have mass of  work associated with my painting diploma. I have also individual orders which are also taking quite a lot of time, but they are giving me much joy :)

Exactly, joy - I like, when my small works are giving joy to  their buyers. Not everyone have plastic talent, but may have cool ideas and I like to help them :)

An interesting example are a pin cuffs  in the shape of accordions: 

Or this order in shape of  "The most famous frame in history" ;)
Frame from very polular "Friends" tv series. Orginal frame is made from
 Papier Mâché, (French for "chewed paper"), but I dont play with such stuff, so  I made similar, but from modelling clay. Was fun to do.

So, if anyone have any cool ideas, please write me - I can do much more than cookies ;)


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