Thursday, 7 November 2013


Welcome to my new project and hobby !

 I like photography, I have always liked, but I am lacking photographic talent :) Instead of  posing myself or to persuade other persons I created little sculptures which I like to arrange with different objects in order to take photos of them. 
 However the fact that they won't change pose in order to change the composition has always disturbed me . One pose in various places with time is boring. At one time I thought, that if I did mobile limbs for them, I could place them in the different way - in short - after long thoughts, projects and combining  my first  so movable sculpture came into existence. Well, I think it's more like a doll really. The formation process is very complex and  requires a lot of time. So please don't expect frequent updates, I will do what I can ;)

Let's take a look ;)

For the beginning I will tell about my idea. I don't want them to look perfect. I want my figures to look strange, so they have too big eyes, too big heads towards the body and of course strange hairstyles ( You will see my love for dreads ;) )
Body and head is made from modeling clay, painted with acrylic paint.
Eyes covered with shining varnish.
Hair and eyebrows are made from wool ( many colours )
And best - eyelashes are made from my own hair - "art requires dedications" ;)

My first "son" ;) I will be sincere - looks like my best  friend, "M" but with different hair colour. Whoops ;)

With a little bit of the appropriate lighting and scenography, we can get "an interesting results" which I am creating them for :)

It makes me happy, hope You like it :)
More photos and sculptures coming soon !


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