Saturday, 8 December 2012


    Here I will be presenting photographs of my small sculptures. I create them from various materials - starting from modeling clay, through scraps of fabrics, finishing on paints. Then I am choosing scenery for taking a picture, in order to add some  magic climate ;) Hope You all will enjoy this pics :)


Gothic Lady

And today I want to introduce to you a sculpture  of small Gothic Lady sitting on a swing :) It take a while  for creating her, but I think that it was worthwhile. By the way I am greeting Ismena - Her  very beautiful, red hair inspired me to choose  hair colour for my figurine ;)

It is possible to hang this  sculpture   in the room, but I think, that if somebody insisted, is suitable for wearing as a pendant ;)

All the time I am experimenting with my products, I can see progress in my artistic work, and  I like it very much :) And that is most important. Now I am inviting You  to watch my sculpture ;)

Rainy girl :)

Coming back to the keynote topic - rainy weather + inspirational work = mini sculpture of the rainy girl ;) Of course I did it my way and  a pink is necessary :)  Work is (at the moment)  the smallest sculpture made by me with the smallest made clothes. Shi is so tiny I could put her it in the matchbox :) In a photo I didn't capture it, but I installed the hook  at her back, and I can hang it on the small chain  - so it is not only figurine, but also a pendant :)

 The formation process caused me a lot fun , but what the most I like in the work with figurines, is searching for the appropriate place and doing cool photo session. Admittedly I am lacking talent for doing photographs, but it causes me mass of joy:) So deal with it! ;)


She is so tiny :D

Having a ready figurine it is possible to take quite climatic photos ;)

My little sculpture of Leeloo (played by Milla Jovovich)
from movie "5th Element" (I love this movie :D)

The one ,and only - Fieldy from KoRn :)

A little frog. I love frogs....Return of the frogs guys! ;)

 I want to show You all, a Max. He is a cool man ;) Here's a drawing session. Also I added glasses to MY      
 sculpture ;).

A little sculpture of..... me :) It's strange way of self-portrait, but it was a nice challenge.
 And yes....I look and I am dressing like this  ( for those,who doesn't know me ).

Here's something different - Stone Golem . I made it long time ago, when I was inspired by Maqquabah
the golem from pc game "Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption". I love this game :)

This is my X-mas version of Alice in Wonderland sculpture placed in model inside little box.

Another reptile - basilisk Cody. He should be green, I know ;).

Here's something new :) Let's play chess with Maxine ;)

This is my first sculpture - "Bethy", placed in my companion cup :)

This is my second sculpture " July", placed on a "furry" pillow.

This is my " no comment" sculpture - "Mr Mgr" -The public wanted - the public got it ;)

This is my little animal sculpture - chameleon "Toby"

Here are some randome pics, for now :)

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