Saturday, 8 December 2012


    Here I am going to present photographs of my small, usually tied with food jewelleries. At the beginning
I treated creating  jewellery as an experiment, attempt to break away from grey reality. I know that not everyone like works like that (in the end it is not a gold, no?;))
However, when I started carrying some of my small work on myself, I noticed positive reactions of surroundings - usually smiles and comments full of curiosity. I thought that it was IT - the one smile accompanying watching my works - for it, it is worthwhile creating them and showing. That is, I am inviting cordially for watching and laughing at my works as much as possible.... and maybe even  commenting on them?:)

Sugar cubes set.  Tt's simple, but I like it very much to my suprise. I also made a ring to complete this set.

Leibniz biscuits with cream set.  First attempt in making dribbling cream.

 Biscuits brooches.

Biscuits with chocolate.

Little ice-creams with silver hundreds and thousands and lemon slices.

My new ice cream set, that maches my favourite corset :)

 My first idea for this sweets was a "Too SweeT" chocolate bar set. Paper isn't so nicely shiny,because these were my first efforts - now I know better what to use.

 This BIG chocolate bar pendant was made by accident, when I printed to big pacage paper. It looks funny, my Mom almost took it for real :) But it gave me the idea for.....

Too SweeT big brooches !
Paper is nice and shiny! :)

Firm paper bag with cookies set :) I  put one of my favourite Internet quotations on it ;)



New set of pink donuts with silver hundreds and thousands :)

I did ice-cream earrings so  they will fit to my new dress :)

 I made some sweet raspberry cake set :) Enjoy !

Set of eclairs (with chocolate aroma).

 Set of gingerbreads (with gingerbread or strawberry aroma).

  Set of pancakes ( with creamy or yoghurt aroma).

My my private pink-orange set ;)

Ice creams pendants made for flea market

Chocolate ice-creams special ;)

Hamburger with fries and salad.

And for dessert - striped and shiny ice creams!
These earrings are bigger than the majority of  sets which I create, because they belong to my private collection, and I like to carry big earrings.

Pink cup in a photo is a mould to muffin (purchased on the allegro)

Does somebody want a breakfast? ? ;) Fried eggs with bacon are my favourite meal in the morning. 
So hence the idea.

Chocolate cake set.



Shiny blue and orange  ice creams.

And striped ;)

Stuffed chocolates.

Stuffed cookies.

 Stuffed crescent shaped buns.

 ZAP ice creams.

Turquoise shiny ice creams ( I dont have idea, why they are green on those photos...)

 Ice creams ! With brocade.

  Chocolate ice creams.    

Strawberry ice creams in two versions.

 Raspberry  ice cream.

    Raspberry ice cream with  hundreds and thousands.


  Plum ice creams.

 Lollipops with brocade.

 Little biscuits.

Pieces of toast with the plum jam.

 Honey and raspberry donuts.

   Oreo set (For Kasia)  ;)

   I made something special for my friends. We love "Samira's bucket"  ;) Fine Lebanese kitchen in "Samira Kebab Cafe Bar". Yeah. Enjoy!

Finally! Pizza is here ;)

Set of  lollipops.

Donuts with silver hundreds and thousands.

Pink cookies with silver hundreds and thousands.

 Another tea cup and coffe cup rings ;)

Cookies with chocolate set.

Another donut pendant with donuts earrings.

Tea cup with lemon slices , plate with cookies - pendant / ring, and  teapot pendant.

Coffe cup with biscuits - pendant or ring.

Cenci pendant and earrings. (faworki ewerybody ;))

Donut Pendant ;)

Biscuits with cream.

Fried chicken leg  in the coating.

Marquise cookies :)

Hot dog :)

I made a sandwich ;)

Some new cream fairy cake pendants.

My first kebab :)

Hamburger earrings. These are tiny ;)

Ok, that's my first attempt to make an ebi sushi pendant.

Crescent shaped bun pendant.

Hamburger (I am dedicating it to Karol W.)  :)

New  muffins and cream fairy cake pendants.

 Biscuit pendants.

Ice-cream earrings and pendants.

Set of cream fairy cakes ( earrings and pendant ).

Set of  ice-creams.

Set of  lollipops.

Set of  chocolate ice-creams (one with safety pin )



  1. różowe lody są wspaniałe! chce naszyjnik :D

  2. Słodko tutaj, aż robię się głodny :) Job done really well!

  3. nawet chwilowe patrzenie szczególnie na te rogaliki wzmaga apetyt, świetna robota :) są jak prawdziwe:)


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