Saturday, 8 December 2012


Hello, my name is Anna and  I  live in Poland. At present I am a former student of the Department of Art at the Technical University. I did the bachelor's degree in the painting and now I have a master's degree too. However the painting isn't my only passion, apart from that I am taking care of carving, design, sewing and creating the jewellery. And in principle I am doing what will come to my mind ;)

The blog is devoted to my hobby - for creating jewellery and small sculptures.From a child I displayed the avocation to such things, however, just enough of growing up it was lost somewhere. I thought, that irretrievably, however here  it came back, to my joy, as well as I hope, Yours. As far as possible I will try showing my little achievements in this field regularly. I am counting for the aid from the side of frequenting, every suggestion is  important. I hope You will find blog and my artworks interesting. 

I'm greeting warmly,

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  1. Początki są trudne, więc życzę powodzenia w konsekwentnym prowadzeniu bloga i uporania się z "technologicznymi" problemami :)


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