Wednesday, 28 August 2013



For some time I am working above sweetnesses of the private label "Too SweeT", so they would be more recognizable and unique.Today I would like to introduce  two sets and brooches :)

I have a concealed avocation for making  graphical design which I exploited for doing "packages" for my sweets. A bit of a magic, combining and these are effects :)

All the time I will be aspiring for improving and adding variety to these series, we will see how far it will go :)


My first idea for this sweets was a "Too SweeT" chocolate bar set. Paper isn't so nicely shiny,because these were my first efforts - now I know better what to use.


 This BIG chocolate bar pendant was made by accident, when I printed to big pacage paper. It looks funny, my Mom almost took it for real :) But it gave me the idea for.....

Too SweeT big brooches !
Paper is nice and shiny! :)

Firm paper bag with cookies set :) I  put one of my favourite Internet quotations on it ;)



Also i made some firm stickers, but that's another story ;)
Hope You like it :)


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