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For some time I am working on the marginal project that now I want to present on my blog. These are pendants in the shape of corselettes. I think that this is posing  fairly good challenge for my abilities, because doing them isn't so quick and easy. I decided to ask for help from the great devotee of corsets - Koseatry - in part, her  passion and her blog inspired me for this undertaking. (I am greeting warmly) I think that sewing the corsets is a real art, I have always wanted to do it, however lack of time and equipment took me away from it. This way, at least in part I am making my dreams come true;)

So if you have any ideas, or favourite corsets, that you would like to see me creating, write me an email or a comment ;)


Mini corset pendant for the special order :)  Mini copy of a beautiful corset (named Cabaret) of the famous Papercats shop :) Unfortunately this model  is unavailable.

It is one of smallest corset pendants. I had to look fornew solution to creature a busk - elements I ussually used were too big :)  I still improving mini corsets shapes and sizes. I can boldly write that it is considerable step in very good direction.

I am happy that I had a chance  it to create this miniature. Cabaret is a very grateful corset, with pretty mix of colours - white, black and red. I am having a  high hopes, that this little one will give happiness and joy to his new owner ;)

Link to  Papercats, where you can see this lovely corset.:,gorset-cabaret.html


This mini corset is made to order by sweet Marianne Tatou. It was fun mini corset to make, becouse it has two front sides :) Its supposed to symbolize progress in creating better art works - in this case - corsets. Its showing the fron of tirst made corset, and second side shows next, much more beautifully developed second corset :) I love this awesome idea Marianne!

Both corsets belong to Atelier Sylphe Corsets. To see more breathtaking corset, click here:

Pendant :)


 I could not stop myself from this one :D When I lay my eyes on this corset I knew, that I MUST make a miniature of it :) And OMB I finally did it! Seriously, I have no idea, why this one took me so long to make, but it was worth every minute of me crafting this :) I also love jellyfishes <3

Of course all credit to Amber and  her Lovely Rat's Corsetry - Who made this fantastic corset. Here You can see this wonderful piece of art:

I once had honor to made a miniature of her favourite corset - it was great experience :) And when I looked through her gallery I saw this jellyfish corset and immediately fall in love <3

Then I saw this corset again in one of Penny's YouTube videos- I put link to it below. Penny "Underbust" Brown owns this masterpiece! :) She named it after Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess) - her favourite anime. It sounds awesome :D  I seriously recommend her channel, She is sweet, very inspiring and talented person. Also her videos have a lot of interesting information, not only about corsets :)

 Here it is!


One of my friends asked me to made two mini corset similar to Hogwarts two houses - Gryffindor and Slytherin. To be totally honest - I never readed any of HP books, I only watched some of movies based on it. I dont know why I didnt get interested enough to do it - maybe its not my piece of cake ;) Please dont kill me...

However I think story and characters are cool.  So I liked the idea of mini corsets inspired by HP. Gryffindor and Slytherin is for now, maybe in the future I will be summon to do the other two - Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff - this is such a cool idea of total four mini corset set :)

I must admit, that this wasnt easy task, becouse I had to work on my own - create my versions of this pendants. That took me a lot of time, than normal. Usually I have photo of a corset and I do a mini copy. In this case I didnt have a photo, I had only my ideas and coats of arms of this two houses to work with. And here are the results of this struggle:


Today I want to present to you a miniature corset pendant I done similar to Dark Knits Boutique corset that comes from Masquerade collection. With this one I had a lots of fun...and pain :P

Picture of  actual "Water" corset from Masquerade collection. 

I invite You all to see many beautiful Dark Knits Boutique corsets on facebook page or site:

This is my first mini corset with fan lacing - I must say  it was quite a challenge for me and I am sure, that it is the same in real corsets. Great job :) To make this corset I used nice, thin, velour material, which I had cut to pendant shape. This part and lacing was hard to make and they required a lot of patience, becouse threads and material had to be measured up perfectly. I had to watch out, since every drop of glue would leave a trail on delicate material. I don't want to boast, but I am really proud of it :)

I had a lots of problems when I took photos of this little pendant. Pics were too dark and it was impossible to catch all details. Now pictures are too bright and velour material looks like something is stuck to it. And then my graphic program did the same thing, makeing it even darker when I wanted to put my logo on my pictures. Damn it. But pendant looks really nice in reality and I hope that it's owner will be happy with it :)


New mini corset pendant, from which Im very, very proud. It have a very special place in my heart ;) 

My friends know, that I love art of the great H. R. Giger, who unfortunately died 12 May 2014 :( A true master of painting, sculpture and design. I must say, that he was the first artist who truly woke up my curiosity for "not usual" art. When I was in secondary school of art I did my sculpture diploma - a sculpting interpretation of  one of Giger's paintings - "Illuminatus I" It was pretty big low relief, like 100 x 80 cm. I was proud of it, but my stupid school took it away - every student had to renounce the copyright of his work -  it was necessary before the admission to enter the final examinations. Well, fuck them soo hard for it, becouse most of this artworks was badly stored or destroyed after some time. Ahh, the old times. After that hard work over my diploma sculpture I hated sculpture - that kind, which plaster is being applied,  frames are being used and  casts...Yup, I still hate it...

But I still love Giger's art, so I figured that I always wanned a corset with his painting. I have needed skills in painting, but I could not find a corset to paint it on ( until I bough perfect one last Wednesday, I will start when its arrive) so I decided to make myself a mini corset pendant with my another favourite painting, which is "Li" from 1974. You can see it below:

 H. R. Giger,  painting "Li", 1974.

Its  more an interpretation, not full blown copy, I forsake myself the details in order to keep my sanity ;) Besides I didnt have time for spending months on painting every little detail, didnt need it anyway. I like it. Also I omitted a forest of "WIENERS" in the background of this painting. I dont need any on my chest :) Also my camera is very crapy and didn't catch more  gentle colours and it looks like its only black - white.  And I forgot to take a pictures of the back...Well, shit... Enjoy watching, please leave me a comment ;)


Wow, I did it! At last I finished my painted  mini corset. This one is inspired by "Rose" painting by Alfons Mucha. I must say I loved the idea of joining paintings with corsets, with belongs to Retrofolie's.  But this one corset is my doing, and its not in Retrofolie's collection - But who knows, maybe this time my little work will inspire  Retrofolies to make a corset? ;) That would be awesome!

"Rose" from series of flowers by Alfons Mucha, 1898.

Anyway, it took me some time to do this mini corset, but I am very happy with it. It has a positive energy when I look at it :) This time there is no busk, becouse I didnt want to cover this pretty face with it. However it has lacing in the back like always.

Although this little one looks very good with my undervest, it is for sale. I really need some money to improve my workshop and artworks :) So if you are interested in the purchase this unique pendant, please write to me :) This mini corset need a loving owner! ;)


As I promised, I am describing the other mini corset :) Perhaps it might look inconspicuous, but I am ensuring that I had quite a lot of work with it. It is a special order from Ms Marta from SnowBlack Corsets - it is  great honour for me !:) Ms Marta is creating incredible corsets, which are the source of  inspiration. To tell the truth - for some time I intended to create a miniature of one of her works, so the fact that she ordered one for herself is awesome to me and Im very happy :) I am inviting you all to check her works, link to the page below:)

Similarly as in the previous case I got detailed photographs of the corset, so that I could make most faithfully copy of corset. At the very beginning its nice invoice puzzled me. I started musing about to copy it at the short piece. Then was a time for the  flowery ornaments on it. Do you remember how I wrote, that creating ornaments from the hundreds and thousands was difficult?... these flowers will give me nightmares for the rest of my life ;) And additionally, at creating them I cut my finger, fortunately nothing serious, but hampered my work. But it was worthwhile! She likes mini corset and it is most important :) Here you can see the work of Ms Marta, the one  for which  came into existence this pendant:


This one mini corset I created for special order for sweet Amber Welch. She is sewing excellent corsets. Fun fact is, that  she as first ordered the corset with A. Mucha  from Retrofolie - pattern which so much inspired me for creating  miniature of it. :) All the more I am happy that she placed an order at me on this pendant. :) Amber is creating equally beautiful corsets, and I am encouraging to visit site with her awesome, artistic work:

Amber sent me a few snapshots of her favourite corset and my adventure began :) Here you can see wonderful work for her, of which I had pleasure to create the short piece:

The whole process of carving and painting took for me quite long, well  carving was quite simple, but  putting paint and details was very time-consuming. Don't ask about grains decorating the corselette - total massacre .;)

But it was worthwhile work, particularly this hundreds and thousands pretending crystals are looking good. :) I have huge hope, that when Amber gets this miniature corset to her hands, will be equally happy with it, like I am. :) It is most important for me! I hope, that it will appeal to my readers too. ;)

Thank You Amber for such a great task you made for me! <3


Some time ago I came across on certain profile on facebook, called Retrofolie, on which Julianne is presenting her handmade corsets. I simply fell in love. Heavens! Who knows me, or is reading posts on my blog, then  knows that I love painting and I am trying to combine that with other fields of art (this way came into existence my mini paintings), and corsets created by Retrofilie have fabrics with printed motives from famous paintings < 3

On Retrofolie's profile we can see corsets with motifs from paintings, such as: "Venus Birth" (Sandro Botticielli ), "Swing" (Jean Honore Fragonard) and many other wonderful works. However  my personal  absolute favorite is a corset with the image of Alfons Mucha "Primrose and the feather" which you can see below:

I adore the Art Nouveau style, in which Mucha has created, but his artworks for me are simply phenomenal and very beautiful. No big surprise that  this corset appealed to me very much. However unfortunately at the moment I cannot afford to purchase and it is expense of 325$ CAD (in my country, that's a lot). Maybe one day I will make my dream come true :) But not from today it is known that the corsets has always been luxury goods ;) I want to invite you all warmly  to see beautiful artistic work of Retrofolie which you can admire on website or facebook profile. I am encouraging you to getting to like and checking progress on, because it is truly worthwhile:

To console myself a little bit and remember for what I am saving my money for, I decided to try to create the miniature of this wonderful corset. I know that should essentially at first ask for permission to do this, but I was afraid, that I can't manage to make it and unnecessarily I would only bother. And I also wanted to make a surprise for Retrofolie's one year of wonderful work :) I made it, it's done  and became a source of my inexpressible joy, adding the next rank to improving my small works.

The idea of the corset belongs to Retrofolie and no, I don't want to copy the production which is phenomenal for her and I wish her to develop for the best. My mini corset is form of  homage for Her and I hope that this way it will be taken :) But experience I got  at creating, new ideas and solutions which came to my mind belong already to me ;) Mini corset isn't  for sale. 

Enough writing, I am inviting to watch my work:)


Little corset earrings made for contest winner :)


This mini corset is very special. I made it for myself and it is inspired by my very own corset made to order by awesome Lady Ardzesz <3 This will be my first custome corset made for me, so I wanted a miniature one as well :) It's made from black material and black leather. Rivets aremade from small nails.

 More pictures soon, when my big one will be send to me :)


Black custome corset, with green details. I used some tiny black net, to cover it up.


Another mini corset made to order  :) This one is really tiny! Have only 3 centimetres !
It's black with elements  made from purple leather :)


Key ring corset done for my contest winner :) I used some lace and ribbon in this one.

I got photos from happy owner :) Thank You ! :)


My first mini corset earrings made to order :) Black with the red lace with lacing up from both sides.
I hope that my fine customer will like these two :)
In fact they look much better in reality  than on photographs.


The baroque corset,
Inspired by corset from Black Garden Shop:


The baroque turquoise corset.
Another mini corset with little bit of fabric :)


Another pendant experiment with corset :)


Corset for a cellphone ? Why not ?( Greetings for ZłyMrocznyMops ;) )

Frankly writing, I don't know whether it is a good idea, it is however a delicate product, and as everybody knows it is sometimes necessary quickly to take the phone out of a pocket. But for now i will be testing it :)


This corset is my next experiment. In forming it I used the black lace fabric with silver elements.
Another creative way for me :)


Latex mini corset :


First mini corset for Koseatra.

Pictures from Koseatra's blog:
She is remarkable, and her photos are delightful!

Every corselette should have its house ;) So I made one, but forgot to took some photos of it, but now You can see it :) All thanks to Koseatra :)

And my fav - Mamma and her baby ;)

The review about this pendant you can read here, as well as watch more  wonderful photos:

Here you can visit Koseatra's fine blog :)


Steampunk one, inspired by :


Corsets from my little colection :
Nameless underbust.

Inspired by Poizen Industries corset:

BONUS - Me wearing both of poizen industries corsets ;)

For corsets lovers ;*



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