Monday, 29 April 2013



As You all know, I am preparing myself to "flea market" (May11). So I spend some time on new goodies.
It's really fun to make new projects and jewellery, searching for new solutions and materials for it. But it's time to take a little break for fresh ideas ;) Next time I will try finish and upload my new sculpture. 

Also I need to spend some time on my " study assignments".

Ok, time for goodies :)

Chocolate cake set.



Shiny blue and orange  ice creams.

And striped ;)

Stuffed chocolates.

Stuffed cookies.

 Stuffed crescent shaped buns.

 ZAP ice creams.

Turquoise shiny ice creams ( I dont have idea, why they are green on those photos...)

Hope You all like it ;)


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