Thursday, 7 February 2013



   Today I made some sweet goodies! Please click on the "jewellery picture" on right side of my site. And enjoy! Also there is a little frog in sculptures category ;).

   I  was working on something special. I love old polaroid cameras and photos (have 3 still working cameras in my home) so I decided, that I want make some cool stuff about it. So I made this :

                                                              A polaroid photos earrings :)

           Thats not over. I love good books, enjoy reading. So i made pendants with my 3 favourite books:

                      First was Haruki Murakami - End of the World and Hard-Boiled Wonderland.

         Second - Shoko Tendo - Yakuza Moon - I love this book, words cannot describe how much.

 And last one - Book of Polaroid (Taschen) - Very cool book, for polaroid lovers ;) I added small and cute polaroid photos. I think it looks great.

Thats all for now, hope You enjoyed :)


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